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Castle Playhouse Plans – Grand Ideas

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When your children decide that no ordinary playhouse will do for them, only a castle playhouse, you are stumped! Oh boy, what do you do in this case? Buying the plans and paying for labor and materials is going to cost a packet that you simply cannot afford. There’s an easy solution, this article details tips on how you can build a castle playhouse and you can always get free castle playhouse plans off the internet.

Log on to your internet browser and get started. You will find plenty of pictures and even plans that detail the step-by-step process of building the playhouse. Don’t forget to make it big enough to hold half the neighborhood children, because it’s going to be a huge crowd puller.

Stock up on building supplies and tools and get going. Plywood is ideal for building the playhouse and you can add turrets and whatnots to make it look good. Find yourself a good helper, preferably someone who knows their way around carpentry tools and building materials. You can plan the measurements in advance and ask the store to cut the sheets for you to the required lengths. Don’t forget to buy some extra plywood for the crenellated top of the castle.

When building the castle playhouse use wooden stakes nailed or screwed to the insides of the frame and sunk deep into the ground, this will provide additional support and strength to the structure. All through the building keep in mind the fact that a horde of kids are going to be swarming all over the castle playhouse, so use reinforcements for additional support wherever possible.

Moving on to the construction, you will need to paint the plywood sheets gray (castle color). Paint over a second time and each time you paint let it dry well. Once completely dry after the second coat, you should pencil in the blocks and use a darker shade of gray to paint over the markings to give it the stone blocks effect. You should end with a coat of waterproof sealant and leave to dry.

Then build the frame and waterproof it. After it is dry you can start nailing the walls to the frame, needless to say the walls too should be painted and waterproofed before you put them up. You can make the front of the castle as decorative and attractive as you choose but follow your castle playhouse plans carefully because you definitely do not want a funny looking entrance to the castle.

You could paint the roof and drawbridge of the castle the same color and then waterproof them and let it dry. Make sure when fixing the ropes for the drawbridge that they are at the right height for a child to pull on to raise and lower the drawbridge. Don’t forget to add colorful pennants to the castle walls. You can use felt or vinyl of bright colors for the pennants; staple them to wooden dowels, drill holes in the frame and glue them into the holes.

Well now, your castle playhouse is ready, so lower the drawbridge, throw open wide the castle doors and bring on the kids!

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