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Do-It-Yourself Playhouse Plans

play house

As a parent your love for your children is very strong and you always try to please them in as many ways as possible. Most children will at some stage ask for a playhouse, it is only natural. Moreover, a playhouse is a very interesting project to involve children in and while constructing the playhouse the lessons they learn will be quite valuable.

Now you will have to decide how you are going to go about building the playhouse. Do you buy the plans or trawl the internet for free plans. You can get some very good detailed plans on the internet that you can download for free, just make sure that they give step-by-step instructions in a clear manner as well as a list of materials required.

Start with planning: decide on the best spot to build the playhouse and then clear the area of debris. The playhouse should be so located that you can see it from the house, preferably the kitchen window because that’s where families tend to congregate and wives are usually in the kitchen more often than not. However, it should not be too close to the house because children feel spied upon and the noise levels are sure to deafen you. Once you have chosen the area mark off the boundary line. You can do this by driving wooden stakes into the ground and tying strong twine to them.

Now did the holes and insert the fence posts, make sure they stand up straight are all of the same height. Pour the concrete that you have already mixed into the holes; leave them overnight for the poles to harden and set.

Make the walls by putting up individual sheets of plywood that have been cut to fit between the posts and nail them firmly to the posts. If you start at the back your mistakes will not be visible and you will also get the hang of it so that the front will look real professional. The boards should go about an inch off the ground and all the way up the post leaving about 3 or 4 inches off the top.

A good DIYer can fashion a door following the DIY playhouse building plans. If you are not confident, you can do more research on the internet until you get a very detailed plan for the door. One option is to call in a professional to make the door and yet another option is to hang a heavy canvas curtain over the doorway.

Make the roof flat topped, this is a less complicated pattern and will provide ample shelter from the rain. You can create the roof by cutting a plywood sheet to fit from the front wall of the playhouse to the back wall. Make sure there is a slight overhang on either side, once you have cut it fit snugly between the posts you can nail it down.

Do it yourself playhouse plans are an excellent method of building a playhouse for free and your children will be so proud of you.

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