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Free Backyard Playhouse Plans

Backyard Playhouse


Children of today are quite savvy in terms of knowing what they want.  As they grow they need their own space and the age at which they need a place to call their own seems be getting younger with each passing year.  As a parent, giving your child a playhouse that is their very own is one of the best things you could do for the child.  Building the playhouse project is a huge learning experience for the child and its involvement in selecting the design, color scheme and interior decoration is actually a form of learning made fun.

Observe children when they play, they are always wanting to play inside cardboard cartons, under tables, making tents out of the bedclothes and constructing their own makeshift structures in the garden.  This comes from an innate sense of wanting a space to call their own and to play in, and the perfect solution is a playhouse.

You don’t have to set aside a huge budget; the project can be completed quite economically in fact.  Go online and find a simple free playhouse plans that you can download and print out.  The sites give full information on how to go about building the playhouse as well as covering the tools and materials you will need.

The important thing is to choose the right location taking into consideration the climatic changes over the seasons, wind chill factor, aesthetics and levelness of the ground.  The design you choose should be simple because that will make it easy to build and also it should not clash too badly with the house or any other structures you may have in your garden.  That is why the backyard is the best place to put the playhouse, not too close to the main house so the child has his or her privacy and is at the same time close enough to the house to call out if help is needed.

When you opt for free playhouse plans taken off the internet you save on the cost of having them drawn up by a professional.  Moreover, since the site provides you with a materials list and instructions on how to build, you don’t need to pay for outside labor.  It can be a do it yourself project that you can involve the whole family in.

Keep in mind that you need to make the structure as secure as possible because children are not the gentlest of creatures at times.  Get all your tools and materials together, stake out the perimeter of the site to set up the boundary line and build your frame.  Put a sheet of polythene on the ground before you lay the frame down, to prevent plants from growing up under the playhouse.  Follow the instructions you have downloaded together with your free playhouse plans and start construction.  Keep a sturdy tarp handy to cover your work when the day is done, this will guard against any sudden squalls of rain you may have.

Using good quality wood and waterproofing after painting is highly recommended.   Good luck with your free playhouse plans.

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