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Kids Playhouse Plans – Double Fun With A Two Storey

What do you do when your children insist on having a playhouse and not just any playhouse, a two storey playhouse? Well build it for them of course after you have tried every which way possible to dissuade them from the idea! This article focuses on some interesting facts about kids’ playhouse plans for a two storey playhouse. Once you get used to the idea, you will become quite excited about the project because a two storey playhouse is not to be found very often.

To begin with building a two storey playhouse is not at all a difficult task. What you will need to do is first go online and look at designs and kids’ playhouse plans to see which one fits the bill for your requirements. Once you have the plans, if it is a free site you can download them to your computer and print them off. Some sites charge for the plans but it is still worth it as they are far less expensive than getting a professional to draw them for you. An added benefit in buying them online is that they come complete with instructions, materials to be used and the tools you will need. You can also get tips and safety instructions included in the pack.

Once the plan is finalized and don’t forget the important part, involving your kids in the selection, it is after all their playhouse, get on to your zoning office and find out if you need permission or a license to carry out the construction. You may need to contact the municipality for the license so ensure all the formalities are completed before you hammer the first nail.

Now pick a spot in the garden, make sure you find as level a place as possible for the playhouse with good soil drainage and the least amount of plants and greenery. Clear the area and rake it over good to level it even further.

Measure off the boundary line and drive in your stakes to mark the perimeter and tie thick string or twine between them. Then make the frame and nail it together. Treat the wood a sealant and waterproof it. Put a plastic or polythene sheet on the ground and put the frame on top of it. Once this is done you can move on to nailing in place the corner posts then the inside posts. The walls are best made out of full sheet plywood that is cut to size and nailed firmly in place. It is best to waterproof all the wood to be on the safe side. You can nail strips of wood between the joists for additional support.

Make sure that all windows, the more the merrier, are marked and cut out of the walls before they go up and similarly for the front wall the doorway has to be cut out. Use two by four pieces of wood to fashion the door frame and the window frames. Make a header and bottom ridge for the doorway.

Then move on to painting and decorating the play house and here your children will be only too glad to get stuck in so give them free reign.

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