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Outdoor Playhouse Plans

When you decide its time to build a playhouse for your kids, you are taking on a huge project and you need to be absolutely certain that you are capable of following the outdoors playhouse plans provided online.  Quite a few sites provide free plans for you to download and the plans are inclusive of a detailed materials list and instructions for building the playhouse.

Outdoor Playhouse Plans

As the project is a fairly extensive one you need to study the plans carefully to make sure you understand well what is expected of you. Then print out everything that is provided in connection with the outdoors playhouse plans.  Now decide who will be your assistant because you are definitely going to need a helping hand; maybe your dad or a brother can help.

It is recommended that you construct in stages and make sure you have a good quality tarpaulin to cover your work when you finish for the day.  Prepare to spend at least a week on the project and do check out the zoning and building laws in your area, the norm is that you will not require any permission to build on your own property but it is always a good idea to make sure.

Prepare all the necessary tools and materials prior to starting the project so that you are well equipped and won’t need to dash off to the hardware store for forgotten items.  Add a cutting guide to help you make those perfectly straight cuts and buy only galvanized nuts, bolts and screws.  You can always check the site from which you got the outdoor playhouse plans for information on the tools and materials required to build the playhouse.

Prepare the ground first, clear away any plants and stones and level it out.  Then prepare the outer frame using wood that is qualified for outdoor use.  When you have the frame ready, use a rake and again level the ground.  You will need to put down a polythene sheet first and then put the frame on top of it; this will prevent plants from growing up under the playhouse and damaging the structure.

Follow the plans to make the inner frame joists and then the plywood floor.  Now construct the walls, cut each wall to the right size and when you have them all ready, nailing them into place securely.  The rear wall should be put up last and made secure with wall studs (proportionately cut pieces of wood that will be nailed between two joists for added support) nailed horizontally, halfway up the wall.  When preparing the walls don’t forget to make provision for the windows.  The more windows the playhouse has the better ventilation and light it will have.  The front wall should have the doorway cut out of it.

You can always make a porch with a railing following the outdoor playhouse plans and then make the roof and complete decking of the floor and sheathing of the walls.  Painting and decorating will be the final stages of the project.

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