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Playhouse Building Plans – Easy Solutions

Your children are at an age where they need a place to play on their own; you are tired of finding them under the table or inside a cardboard carton or you just want them outdoors while you have a quiet read.  Whatever the reason and there are plenty for sure, building a playhouse for them will make everybody happy.

DIY projects

There are plenty of online sites that provide free playhouse building plans and there a several sites that charge very nominal amounts for a set of building plans that comes complete with plans, materials list, instructions and pictures, safe working practices and tips, all for as little as $5.  You need to spend some time browsing the internet to find the best option for your children.

If you plan to bring in the professionals then you can choose an elaborate design and go for broke; however, if you are planning to build the playhouse yourself it is advisable to choose something less flamboyant, a design that is easy to follow and simple to build.  You can always add embellishments to make it look grand once the basic structure is completed.

Choose a playhouse building plan that is sturdy and durable, your aim when building should be for it to last a good few years and provide much pleasure for your children. Always make sure that the playhouse is big enough to house a group of children comfortably because your children will have friends over to play.  At the same time the playhouse should not be so big that it conflicts with the main house or spoils the look of your garden.

When building the playhouse you will need to make provision for storage space so that your kids can store that books and games in the playhouse.  The room should be wide enough to take a table for the children to use for their activities and chairs or beanbags for seating.  If the space is not too large, you could always make provision for seating by fixing drop down seats affixed to the walls.

When buying the lumber, buy good quality wood and if need be you can give them the measurements and they are sure to oblige you by cutting it for you.  For the exterior walls and roof a less expensive and more durable alternative is cement fiberboard.  It makes it less complicated if you use the same material for both.  In its favor cement fiberboard siding is easily available and growing rapidly in popularity.  A user friendly, strong product that is fire, insect and rot resistant and the best thing about it is that it looks good.  As cement fiberboard can pose a health risk it is best to get all possible information about it before you buy it.

Some safe working practices you can apply to your building project:

  • Always make sure you have ample ventilation when working outdoors
  • Before using your circular saw make that the dust bag is attached to it.
  • Wear a dust mask
  • Check the material safety sheet provided by the manufacturer before using it.

Take every precaution when following the playhouse plans and happy building!

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