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Raised Playhouse Plans – How To Build A Playhouse Above Ground

Every child dreams of owning a playhouse right in their own backyard, playing in a pal’s playhouse is all well and good, but at the end of the day it isn’t theirs.  What do you do when your child wants something a wee bit out of the ordinary?  Your kid wants a raised playhouse, you scratch your head and look blank, and all the time those imploring eyes are staring into yours so you say YES!  Read this article for some information on how to get hold of raised playhouse plans and build one successfully.

play house

Buying a prefabricated playhouse is rather an expensive proposition, so we suggest going online to find free raised playhouse plans.  You will find plenty of sites full of information, pictures, list of materials and tools, advice and much more.  You can always buy the plans online if you want as they come rather cheap or you can download a free set.

Building a raised playhouse is really no different from building an on the ground playhouse.  The only difference with a raised one is that the floor will go several feet above the ground instead of flat on the ground and you will need to build a staircase.  Pick a spot in your garden or backyard; make sure it’s a nice clear spot with plenty of natural light.  Decide on the size of the playhouse based on the plans you have.  Mark of your boundaries and start digging holes, then insert the wooden posts and pour in some concrete and leave it to harden.  This will ensure that the foundation for your playhouse is literally rock solid.  Now all you need to do is follow the plans and construct the playhouse on top of the posts.

When selecting your materials, make sure that they are of good quality and that the fasteners are all galvanized, stainless steel or zinc coated.  You will need to sand down the wood to remove splinters and then start building.  Now follow the instructions given on your raised playhouse plans and you are in business.

You should know that there are all kinds of playhouses as detailed below:

Do It Yourself:

Anyone with a basic knowledge of carpentry and a little bit of an adventurous spirit can build a playhouse quite easily.  Just download the free raised playhouse plans from the internet, pick up the materials listed from the hardware store and get started.  When you build you can be ambitious, rope in your child and add whatever embellishments the two of you can come up with – let yourselves go and have fun.  When your children help with the construction the level of involvement is even greater and there is a sense of pride in the fact that they helped accomplish something.

Prefabricated Playhouses

If you are not so sure of your carpentry skills you can always select a playhouse from the toy store and you can assemble it in no time from the instructions given.  Most prefabricated playhouses are highly durable and weather resistant.  You will be hard pressed to choose because the range of options is very wide.

Plastic Playhouses:

Are very inexpensive and easy to assemble and can be used in and out doors.  They come in very bright colors and have things like furniture and cabinets pre-molded inside them.
The most fun you will have is if you build a playhouse from scratch and since your child wants a raised playhouse, you will have to choose this option.

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